Why Content Writing Is Crucial For Ranking

Almost every blogger, entrepreneur, or marketer has heard the age-old phrase “content is king”. There’s a reason for this and it’s one well worth looking into if you’re trying to rank higher among search engine results pages and thereby increase your business’s visibility.

To begin, you may ask what is content exactly? Well content, in this sense, really is any information put on the web, whether it’s text, images, audio, or video. It’s meant to tell a story or inform viewers with the goal of eliciting a reaction, whether it be an emotional one or engagement-related. It’s the main driver behind social media platforms, websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and even podcasts. Without content, none of these would exist as it’s the very sinew, muscle, and bone that make them up. In addition, as a business, if you have no content then you have nothing to offer the millions of searchers that enter the world wide web every day. In other words, you will be lost among your competing market that is active and digitally present. Furthermore, Google, one of the most popular search engines out there, constantly indexes pages or online content to determine ranking. Consequently, without any content not only are you leaving searchers empty-handed but Google as well, meaning your ranking will suffer immensely. In other words, you’ll be losing over 6.7 billion potential customers as a business every day.

the difference between content and quality content

As mentioned previously, content can be almost anything offered digitally. However, there’s a difference between “content” and “quality content”. When you speak of general content there are no guidelines, no rules, or stipulations. Meaning, if it’s online then it equates to content. Quality content on the other hand is the element that helps increase your website ranking as it has SEO value. All this means is that high-quality content is generally engaging and contextually relevant to your searchers thereby increasing traffic to your website and where you rank on a results page.

how quality content increases your website ranking (organic SEO)

Building Relationships

Quality content isn’t generic, it’s wonderfully personal. High-quality content demands a story, telling your audience not just who your company is but what it stands for. This can be done by the type of content you put out there. Viewers appreciate a business that reflects its goals within its content and with that appreciation comes an air of legitimacy and a company they can trust. Consequently, you’re more likely to earn repeat customers that provide long-term engagement effectively raising your website ranking.

In addition, content that isn’t strictly about selling products but also providing informative answers for your relevant audience is key to website ranking. Having content such as this shows your expertise, again increasing the level of trust gained from your potential customers. Furthermore, it’s a sign of respect towards your audience. Meaning, it portrays that you see searchers as more than just a profit to be made. All this combined results in a loyal fan base that can promote for you and pull in desired traffic.

indexing and keywords

For search engines to be able to rank your website they need information, they need content to be able to index via their current ranking algorithm. Thereby the more content, specifically high-quality content, your website contains the more opportunity it has to be found by searchers utilizing relevant keywords. Most search engines place a high value on keywords and any marketer worth their keyboard knows just exactly how valuable they are.

Consequently, high-quality content demands keyword research as implementing the right words correctly spaced throughout a piece helps increase your website ranking. It shows that your content is useful or relevant to that searcher’s query which is exactly what search engines look for when deciding ranking. The more strategically you implement keywords the easier it will be to beat out the competition.

shareability and exposure

Lastly, even without some aristocratic strategy, content gives your viewers something to share, and high-quality content provides information searchers want to share. When your website or anything attached do it such as a blog post or a video has shareability this is likely to increase your brand’s exposure. As a result, according to most search engine algorithms, your website has a greater chance of reaching higher up on results pages.

In addition, increased exposure allows other high authority websites to find you and possibly insert backlinks to your content. Google is a strong believer that high-quality backlinks establish an air of credibility to your business as well as trust. Thereby the more backlinks your website obtains the higher it will rank.

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